The Desoto Luxury line takes shirts and polos to a whole new level. The items have a jersey quality and are made of 100% easy care, organic Supima cotton, which ensures an even more durable and qualitative product. The shirts and polos have a more modest design and are equipped with the stretchy and easy-ironing features the contemporary customer loves so much!

When you hear the name Paul & Shark, the first thing that pops into mind probably is the ‘Il Mare’ (for the sea) pullover. The item the brand became big with. However, Paul & Shark originally is a knitwear manufacturer that was founded in 1921 in the Lombardy region (Italy). Over the years, the sustainable brand grew into a successful sportswear brand with worldwide distribution.

Desoto is known for its contemporary yet classic shirts. The shirts and polos of the trendy brand have a jersey quality, are made of 100% easy care, organic cotton and interlocked knitted. This combination of fabric and making method guarantees a stretchy and easy-ironing product.

If you’re looking for a brand that’s specialized in luxurious trousers, Berwich is the brand for you. Berwich is an Italian, family business that produces their items by hand in the beautiful Puglia area. The trousers are innovative, commercial and fashion forward. A true product specialist and incomparable craftmanship.

No outfit is complete without a pair of qualitative footwear. An assignment that product specialist Doucal’s clearly understands. The Italian brand is originated in the Marche region and is known for it’s amazing price to quality ratio. Above that the brand also manages to create both luxurious and comfortable footwear; a combination you will rarely find.

Unity creates outdoor and high-performance items with a sophisticated Italian design. The brand is sustainable and is always moving. They have a great focus on fabrics and technology, and they invest in constant research for performance. Unity offers several collections, including Airtech and Comfortech.

Gran Sasso is Europe’s biggest independent knitwear manufacturer. The green knitwear factory of this Italian brand is based in the Abruzzo region and is known for their timeless and high-quality knitwear. Gran Sasso has been a product specialist since the start in 1952 and they live up to their name ever since.

The jackets and suits of the Italian brand Tagliatore are known for their striking and eccentric looks. These looks are partly made possible by the impressive collection of exclusive fabrics that are hidden in the sleeve unit factory the suits and jackets are made.

Bugatti offers strong, commercial products which are presented in a total conceptual collection. The brand is known for its reliability and consistency. Focused on B2B and from stock delivery.

If the smell of luxury could be put into a scent, Salentum I Profumi succeed in creating it. The perfume and interior scents were created using raw Italian materials. The perfumes are being held to very high-quality standards and are made from pure natural extracts. Just as what you can expect of a products created in authentic Puglia!

When you’re looking for modern, durable leather and suede pieces with a great fit, Arma is the brand for you. The leather and suede wear producer brings character, craftmanship and innovative designs. The quality of the leather goods is remarkable as well as the attention to details and the knowledge of the materials and techniques that run through the veins of the company.